1. New York, NY



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  3. Chi-town pt. II



  4. Chi-town



  5. This summer KCRW is bringing a event to downtown Chinatown in Los Angeles that brings together dance, art, chinese culture, food and people.

    I took my ventures with my friend Sarah and Lilian who made this night a blast.

    Enjoy the visuals and make sure to catch the other two events in July and August if you’re in LA.

  6. Rooftops in The Bronx




  7. golden-aesthetics:

    We are excited to present to our butterflies the release of ChristinΞ's exclusive Summer mix-tape. When Christine reached out to us and asked if we were ready for a ChristinΞ x Golden Aesthetics drop, we instantly said, “Lets do it”.

    For this ~30 minute jam, we went with the notion of youthful, caribbean, and breezy vibes. Enjoy and play this loud in your room, summer functions, the beach or in your car rides. Only one rule, you must show of your best dance moves.


    GA + C

    Listen and vibe. 

  8. "Curls In The Future"

  9. "Spring Queen"

    W/ Ani

  10. Trap Muzik

    W/ Stephanie