1. Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 


  2. One Foggy Day - Softcover Book


    "One Foggy Day" is a photography book capturing the beauty of curly hair all within the mystery of a foggy atmosphere.  Taken within one day in New York City, the pages turn and reveal lighting and color combos uniquely achievable within fog.  Crystal Castillo features her unknowing expressions and fuses the readers’ eyes with poetry and head-turning gestures.  

    The next time your neighborhood goes foggy - grab a camera and go outside.  Or - you can sit in and grab this book off the coffee table to transform your room into a foggy day rendition.

    Captured and written by Daniel Racz

    -Softcover Edition

    -72 pages

    -100# Standard Fine Art Silk Coated paper

    Printed and bound at Conveyor Arts - Jersey City, New Jersey

    Product photos shot by Daniela Spector 

    Girls With Curls, LLC All Rights Reserved


  3. Natural beauty - atop and afar.

  4. Life has no limits.

  5. Travels - Humboldt County

    Life was extra pleasant last week. 

  6. Vibrant



  7. I recently went back to shooting film.

    And I’m liking it again.

  8. As soon as I finished shooting with Crystal back in November, I knew we created something special.  The lighting came through, the fog did its magic, the colors got along well and the atmosphere was quiet and calm.

    I kept the photos reserved and took time in editing and adjusting the feel.  I felt the photos would not be fully understandable if shown only through a digital screen.  On print you get to take your time and flow through the moments and try to decipher a story rather than scroll for a millisecond and continue on.

    Here’s to continue telling stories and poetry on print.

  9. Fog Obsession

    My upcoming book release not only deals with my everlasting love for curly hair but also ads my new weather condition obsession - fog.

    If there’s a good day to get lost in out of the year, a foggy day will add supplements of wonder to your journey.

    Next time you see fog in your neighborhood - take a photo and share your views with me.  I’ll probably drool with excitement.

  10. Awaiting Winter

    To Be